Recently Stuck On The Road? Here's How You Protect Yourself

If your car recently broke down on the road and left you stuck out in the middle of nowhere, take action to protect yourself in the future. Even in seemingly safe areas, it can be frightening for drivers to break down. If you don't have the right tools on hand to get you through the ordeal, it can be even more frightening. Here are some ways to protect yourself if your car breaks down again.

Keep Your Trunk Stocked

Your trunk should contain a spare tire, jacking system, and tool box. You should also keep the tire fully inflated and maintained. Some tires can deteriorate or deflate in hot weather. The jack should also be easy to assemble or use. If possible, keep a secondary jack in the car. This helps ensure that you have the means to change a tire without issues.

In addition to the items above, place an emergency care kit in your trunk. The kit should contain flashlights, water, bandages, and medication. If possible, place a few nonperishable food items in the kit. If you have low blood sugar or become stuck for a long period of time, the food can help sustain you.

There's one more thing you can do to keep safe. You can keep a list of roadside assistance providers in your glove box.

Keep Roadside Assistance Numbers on Hand

Roadside assistance is a service used to help drivers who become stuck on the road. The service drivers may use different means to restart your car, such as jump your battery or fill your gas tank with fuel. Some providers even change tires and perform other difficult tasks.

The roadside assistance provider you select should be able to reach you at any time, including during the night. The drivers may also have towing equipment on their vehicles to take your car home or to the nearest repair shop. You may wish to keep the providers' contact numbers in your phone, glove box, and purse.

If you become stuck in the future, be sure to give the roadside assistance driver your exact location. If you can't provide this information, look for landmarks, stop signs, and other details that can help the driver find you. Give the driver your name and phone number. You should also give the driver a detailed description of your vehicle.

If you wish to learn more about roadside assistance, contact a service provider today or visit the site

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