Prepare For A Road Trip This Holiday Season

If you plan on driving your truck across the country so that you can spend time with your sister and her family this holiday season, you may be wary about the impending trip if you are unfamiliar with the roads that need to be traveled. Prepare for the excursion with the advice listed below. Being well-prepared will minimize the chances of breaking down, getting lost, or becoming involved in an accident. 

Make Sure You Vehicle Is In Tip Top Shape

The most important thing that you can do prior to the trip is make sure that your truck has been inspected and serviced. If your vehicle is in need of new tires or if it is time for the engine's motor oil to be changed, you will be alerted to the fact. If you take your truck to a mechanic well in advance, you will not be hit with a high bill right before it is time to leave, which could put a damper on your trip if you have other expenses that need to be handled.

If your vehicle is in poor shape and you do not feel safe while driving it and you cannot afford repair costs, consider renting a vehicle to drive. A rental business will need to know the distance you will be driving and the number of days that you will be using the vehicle. You will be responsible for fuel costs as well as a rental fee.

Research Roadways And Write A List Of Landmarks

Purchase an atlas so that you can research the roadways that you will need to travel on. Give your sister a call and let her know about your travel plans. Your sister may be aware of road construction near her home or detours that will need to be utilized and may also be able to provide you with a list of landmarks that you will pass while driving.

If your sister has completed the entire road trip in the past, she will provide you with invaluable information that will prevent you from becoming lost or traveling down a congested roadway while en route to her home. Use a piece of notebook paper to list the information that you have acquired and highlight the names of roads and landmarks. Place the list in your vehicle's center console so that you can refer to it while you are driving.

Have Emergency Supplies On Hand

Anything can happen while on the road, even if you are thoroughly prepared for the trip. To protect yourself, pack emergency supplies, including a fully-charged cellphone, jumper cables, road flares, food, and bottled water. Write down the name and number of a towing service so that you can receive help if your vehicle breaks down or if you are involved in a traffic accident.

A tow truck company that offers assistance around the clock will dispatch a driver to your location so that your vehicle will safely be transported to an automotive shop so that repair work can be completed. 

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