Got A Flat Tire? Reasons Why You May Need A Tow

Generally, when you have a flat tire, your flat tire is removed and your spare tire is installed. Your spare tire may be a normal size, or it may be a bit smaller, allowing you time to get your car to a tire repair shop to purchase a new tire. However, in some cases, things do not go as planned and you may need to have your car towed due to a flat tire. Here are a few of the reasons why you may need a towing service, like Aces Roadside Towing, simply because you got a flat. 

The Tire Won't Come Off

In most cases, you use your tire iron to remove the lug nuts that hold your tires in place. But if the lug nuts are rusted into place or on there tightly, you may not be able to get them to budge. If there is a tiny hole in your tire that caused the flat, sealing or patching the tire and then inflating it may help you to get on your way without a tow. But if the tire blew out or is significantly damaged, and the lug nuts won't budge, you need a tow truck. 

You Damaged the Rim of Your Car

Another reason why you may need to call a tow truck for a flat is because you drove on the flat for too long and damaged the tire rim. Most rims are made out of soft metal, such as aluminum. This means that they can easily become dented or bent out of shape, especially if they are hitting asphalt. Unfortunately, this means that your spare tire may not attach onto your rim. 

Your Flat Can't Be Used

The last reason you may need a tow for a flat tire is because your flat tire is unusable. It is recommended that you check your spare tire every few months to ensure it is properly inflated and in good condition. If you fail to do so, you may not realize the spare is flat or damaged until you need it, which will do you no good. 

If you have a flat tire, in most cases, the tire can be replaced and you can be on your on way. But in a few instances, this may not be the case. If your tire won't come off, if you damaged the rim on your car or if your spare is unusable, you may need to contact a tow company to tow your car home or to the nearest tire repair and replacement shop. 

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