Remain Safe While Driving And Receive Help If Your Car Breaks Down

If you own a car that has a mechanical problem that causes its motor to shut off when you least expect it, chances are you try to drive the vehicle as little as possible and remain wary when driving down busy roadways or stopping at intersections that contain traffic lights.

Although you may be planning on getting the vehicle fixed in the near future, finances may be tight and holding you back from having the repair work completed as quickly as you would like. Use the tips below to help you remain safe on the road and receive help if your car breaks down and you have difficulty getting your vehicle started.

Keep Emergency Supplies On Hand

If you usually are able to quickly start your vehicle soon after it breaks down by using jumper cables or basic tools, keep these emergency supplies on hand so that you have access to them the next time that you break down. If you use a repair guide or your vehicle's manual to assist with getting your car started, place the guide or manual in your glove compartment so that you can refer to it when you need to. Pack the emergency supplies in a handheld tool box or heavy duty crate and place either container in your vehicle's trunk.

Alert Family And Friends To Your Wherabouts

It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case your vehicle breaks down and you are unable to get it started. Alert your family and friends when you are going to be away from your home for an extended amount of time or when you will be driving a little bit further than normal, including down unfamiliar roads. Ask each person if they are going to be at home during this time and if they would be willing to pick you up and give you a ride if you happen to have trouble with your car while you are out. 

Acquire Towing Service Phone Numbers And Carry Your Phone

Do some research about towing services that are located in the vicinity of where you will be traveling and that offer emergency towing services. Write down a list of phone numbers and keep them inside of your glove compartment. Make sure that your cellphone is fully charged before leaving in your vehicle. If you happen to break down and cannot get your car started, you can give one of the tow companies a call and will receive prompt service that will prevent you from sitting alongside the road for long amounts of time. 

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