Three Ways To Get Stuck In The Mud

There are few other moments when a driver feels as helpless as when he or she is stuck in the mud. In this scenario, the only thing you want to do is to get out of the mud and get on your way as quickly as possible. Keep in mind; there is a right and wrong way to go about the process. If you forget this information, you'll only find yourself stuck in the mud. Learn what you should not do if you ever get stuck.

Be Forceful with the Brakes

Resist the urge to go overboard with your brakes. As you try to make your way out of the muddy area, it can feel like your vehicle is spinning out of control. Naturally, you want to gain control of your vehicle, and slamming on the brakes seems like the best way to do so.  

However, slamming on your brakes will cause your tires to basically dig into the mud further, which will only make it harder to get your car or truck out. Gently place your foot on the brake and try not to come to a complete stop. 

Follow the Path

When you approach a muddy path, it would seem that the best path forward is to simply follow the path the drivers before you took. However, this mistake can lead to more problems.  The previous tire tracks, or ruts, create smooth surfaces in the mud. Ruts are also often the wettest area in the mud. 

Combined, the smooth and wet surface gives you almost no traction. Without traction, you can't get out of the mud. It's generally best to create your own path to increase your chance of getting through the muddy path as quickly as possible. 

Slow Down

Your car is an incredibly heavy piece of metal. The mud that you are driving over is incredibly soft. What happens when you place a heavy object on a soft surface? The object sinks. The same scenario will play out with your vehicle. However, if you can keep your car in motion, you can minimize some of the settling. 

While you don't want to speed through the area, you should try to keep a steady speed so that you don't stabilize your car and allow it to sink into the mud. Even if you haven't figured out a clear path out of the mud, you should still keep your car in motion. 

When all else fails, remember that there is help. A towing professional can use their truck and skills to help remove your vehicle from the mud without causing any damage to your car or truck. So, don't hesitate to call a towing company for assistance. If you're in a larger truck, you may need to use commercial truck towing services

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