A Towing Service Can Help You Keep Unauthorized Cars From Taking Up Spaces In Your Parking Lot

If you own a small apartment building and have frequent complaints about parking spaces being used by guests, then you may want to set up a towing policy. If the parking lot is your private property, you may be able to have cars towed that belong to people who don't live in your building. Here are some things to look into.

Make Sure You Have Guest Parking

Your renters will have visitors that need places to park. Set a row of spaces near the side or back of the lot and mark them for visitor parking. Your renters can use them too if they own multiple cars, and having marked spaces gives visitors a place to park without worrying about getting their car towed.

Understand Towing Laws

Talk to your attorney before you start towing cars so you have everything in place legally. Some things you may need to do include putting up signs that designate your parking lot as a towing zone. If so, there will probably be regulations concerning the size, wording, and placement of the signs. Another thing you may need to do is mark parking spaces for renters by assigning each apartment one or two spots and then marking them as reserved. Your renters may like this since they can then call you to have any car towed from their spot, and this allows them to always have an open place to park that's near their apartment. An attorney can help you set up a legal policy so you don't run into any problem with the city or police once you start having cars towed.

Choose A Towing Company

You'll probably want to work with a single towing company so you have someone to call when needed. Also, the name of the company and their phone number may need to be posted on the signs so people know who to call if they come out and find their car gone. There may even be regulations on the towing company you choose, such as using one that's within a certain distance of the apartment building and that has convenient hours of operation for picking up a vehicle.

By establishing a towing policy and then enforcing it, you'll have fewer problems with unauthorized parking on your lot. Your renters will be happier too since they won't have to struggle to find a place to park that's near their home when they have to carry groceries inside or dash in fast when it's raining. For more information, reach out to towing services near you.

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