Top Factors That Determine The Cost Of Towing Service

Accidents and breakdowns occur anywhere, and at any time, so it's virtually impossible to predict when you'll need the help of vehicle recovery professionals. Since you cannot afford to get stranded on the highway or in the middle of anywhere, it's crucial to contact the best towing service company near you.

These professionals can either fix the problem or tow your vehicle to the auto repair shop or any other preferred destination. They are dependable and will show up promptly. But, how much do they charge for the towing services? The costs usually vary depending on several factors, and from one provider to another. Here are some factors that will affect the cost of the towing service.

Size of the vehicle

One of the key questions your towing company representative will ask when you contact them is the type and size of the car. Obviously, towing bigger vehicles will cost you more than the small ones due to weight or design. So, be sure to give the right information so the providers can get the best tow truck for the work. Even if you don't know some of the key details they'll ask, you can read the manual to provide accurate information.


Another factor towing companies have to consider while setting the service price is the place of the incidence. Did your vehicle break down on the highway, the beach, or in a residential area? The exact place where the car stopped functioning determines the distance the providers have to cover to get to you as well as the scope of work. For instance, vehicle recovery on a highway is challenging because other road users need to be protected. Such work must be handled by well-trained and experienced towing truck drivers, which increases costs. Vehicles stuck in a ditch will also require the expertise of highly skilled professionals, which will affect the service expenses.


The time you contact a tow truck company to seek their services will affect the total costs. Generally, you will be charged more to recover a vehicle at night than during the day. The rates also change during public holidays and weekends, but the difference isn't so significant. The good news is that you are allowed to discuss the price estimates when dealing with such situations. Feel free to say what you can afford to pay, and the provider will work out something that suits your budget before dispatching the vehicle recovery tea.

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Accidents and breakdowns occur anywhere, and at any time, so it's virtually impossible to predict when you'll need the help of vehicle recovery profes

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