Different Types Of Towing Services

Have you ever been stuck in a remote location due to a vehicle malfunction? If you have, you know how vital towing services can be during such a time. These services don't only apply to vehicles. They can also move heavy equipment and machinery. When engaging a towing company, it's important to understand the types of tow services they offer and whether they're suitable for your needs. Here are some of the types of towing services available. 

Lightweight and Medium Towing

If your vehicle is light in weight, this service will work for you. It could be that you have run out of gas while in a place that's far from a filling station. Or maybe you have been involved in an accident, leaving your car so severely damaged that it's not possible to drive it to a mechanic. Fortunately, you can seek lightweight and medium towing services for services like lockouts, jumpstarts, flat tire replacements, or any other service for a vehicle that has failed to start. A towing company can help you with a car, small truck, van, and even bikes.

Flatbed Towing Services

This type of service uses a flatbed truck. You can seek flatbed towing services when transporting a truck or a heavy-duty vehicle. The good thing about flatbed services is that they guarantee the safety of your vehicle, even when moving over long distances. 

The flatbed trucks are fitted with a hydraulic system that can move up and down. It gets to the ground to pull your vehicle up the tow truck's bed. Owners of luxury cars also prefer flatbed towing services for their safety. 

Wheel-Lift Towing

If your vehicle is lightweight and is stuck in a very tight spot, you cannot go wrong with wheel-lift towing. And this applies too if your car is a two-wheel drive. Just like flatbed trucks, wheel-lift trucks are also fitted with hydraulic systems.

The only difference is that for wheel-lift trucks, their systems have two bars that are positioned under your car's back wheels, lifting your car up in the air but with two wheels stuck on the ground. Wheel-lift trucks are suitable for short distances and for accessing tight spots where other towing services may not work. Many car owners also prefer these trucks for they're safe and reliable. 

Heavy-Duty Towing Services

If you're looking to move heavy vehicles like trucks or lorries, there's a need for specialized towing services, and this is where heavy-duty towing services come in. Heavy-duty trucks are fitted with lots of safety equipment to safely lift heavy vehicles and put them on a tow truck. They also have other specific features for easier lifting and moving heavy vehicles. Contact a towing service for more information. 

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