3 Benefits Of Hiring A Towing Service To Deal With Illegal Parking At Your Business

Your parking lot provides you with valuable space for your employees and customers to park. If you don't have a large parking lot, having people park in your lot who don't work there or who are not customers can not only be frustrating, but it can be harmful as well.

If you are dealing with many people parking in your lot who are not soliciting your business, you can hire a towing service to tow away these vehicles. When you work with a towing service, they will come out and move any vehicles that are not supposed to be parked there whenever you give them a call. The owner of the car that they tow will have to pay the bills.

Ensure Your Customers Have Enough Parking Spaces

First, if you don't have enough parking spaces for your customers, you will lose out on business. If customers can't easily find a parking spot, there is a high likelihood that they will leave. They are not going to stick around, circling the parking lot, trying to find a space. If they have to walk too far to find an open space, that is business that you lose out on. Having people illegally parked in your lot can be expensive and can cause you to lose out on money.

Keep Parking Open for Your Employees

Second, your employees need a place to park. Not having a place to park could cause your employees to be late to work. It can cause them to have to walk a long distance to work. It can even result in some employees deciding that they would rather work elsewhere.

If you provide employee parking, you are going to want to protect that benefit by having anyone who is illegally parked towed away from your lot. People will learn not to park in your parking lot. Your employees will be on time to work, and they will be happier.

Keep Emergency Lanes Open 

Third, if you have any designated emergency lanes in front of your business, you will want to keep them open at all times. The point of an emergency lane is that an emergency can arise at any moment; if someone is parking in front of an emergency area or in front of a door, you will want to take action immediately. With a towing service that you contract with, you can get those vehicles moved in a fast manner.

If you hire a towing service to move illegally parked vehicles from your property, you are going to need to post signs at the entrance to your parking lot that clearly states who is allowed to park there. You need to follow any state or local regulations for illegal towing signs. You need to write what hours the towing policy is enforced and have the name and number of the towing company on the signs. This will allow you to deal legally with illegal parkers. Contact a company that offers illegal parking tow services to learn more.

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