Making Repairs To Your Commercial Truck Without Going Into A Service Center

Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks and trailers spend a lot of time on the road, and as a result, breakdowns can happen unexpectedly. Often when the truck is not running or has a problem that requires repairs before continuing on its route, an emergency semi-truck roadside repair service can resolve the issue without towing the truck to a repair shop or service center. 

When To Use Roadside Service

Semi-trucks that spend a lot of time making long runs across the country often wear through tires, brakes, and driveline components quickly. A flat tire can be a significant problem for a truck loaded with freight because the weight of the truck, trailer, and cargo can make it hard to raise the vehicle and change the tire. 

Most trucks do not carry spare tires or jacks that are large enough to lift the vehicle, so a 24-hour semi-truck repair service is often necessary to bring the tire and tools to the truck and make the repair on the road. Tire changes become a critical service for large trucks, so an emergency semi-truck roadside repair service is often the best solution. 

Other breakdowns are often within the scope of these services, so things like a broken belt, a failed radiator hose, or electrical issues affecting the truck may all be reasons to call the service and have them send a repair tech out to your location. If the tech cannot make the repair where the truck is, you may need to have it towed in, but the roadside service is an excellent place to start. 

Contacting Roadside Services

There are many emergency semi-truck roadside repair services that operate along the main highways in the US. If you need to contact one for a breakdown, find one in the area with a web search or have your dispatch call one for you. The service will need to know the nature of the problem so they can send a tech with the correct skillset and the proper tools and equipment to you. 

If you are unsure what is wrong with the semi-truck, try to describe what happened when it stopped running. The description is often enough to get some idea of the repairs it may need and narrow down the possibilities sufficient to send a tech that can handle the job. 

The service will also need to know where you are, so look for landmarks that they will know, or check your GPS to see if there are mile markers or an exit ramp near you that can help the technician find you. If your dispatcher can track your truck, they may be able to narrow down the area for the roadside repair service and help direct them to your location. 

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