How Much Will You Pay For Flatbed Towing Services?

Many people prefer flatbed towing over hook-and-chain towing. This is because a flatbed truck has a flatbed on its rear end. Unlike traditional towing techniques where a car's four wheels stay in contact with the ground while being transported, with flatbed towing, all four wheels of the towed vehicle rest on the truck's flat platform. Here are some factors that determine how much you will pay for flatbed towing services.

The Area of the Incident

Tow truck services fix their charges depending on the location of an incident. Before giving you a quote, they will determine whether you are stranded on a beach, highway, residential area, or in a ditch. Remember, your location will affect the professional's scope of work.

For example, special equipment will be required if your car is stuck in a ditch or around muddy surroundings. You should also expect to pay a steep price if your incident occurred on a highway. This is because the tow truck service has to bypass traffic to get to your destination.

Weather Conditions

Being stuck in traffic on a rainy day is a terrible experience. Whatever your car troubles, flatbed towing services will charge you more during harsh conditions than when the weather is calm.

The cost will vary because, during harsh weather conditions, the tow truck staff will risk their lives and use special gear and equipment to come to your rescue. Furthermore, if the tow truck technician will need to perform additional maintenance tasks, like changing the tires or battery before towing, this will add to the cost of towing.


The distance a tow truck will take to reach your location will affect the cost of towing. This is why it is advisable to hire a local flatbed towing service. The greater the distance between your current location to the destination, the greater the overall cost of towing. 

Take time to search for a local service with reasonable costs for short-haul recovery. Additionally, make sure you choose a tow truck company with an adept staff, state-of-the-art trucks, and equipment for exceptional services.


It will be challenging to access tow truck services if you are stranded in the middle of the road during a public holiday. However, if you find a tow truck company, they will charge more than they would during a typical working day.

The time of day you call a flatbed service also matters. Towing your car in the afternoon will be cheaper than towing it at midnight. Make sure you consult a 24-hour towing service because the price disparity during the day and night will be lower than a towing service that operates during regular working hours.

Contact a local towing service to learn more. 

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